Chimney Caps/Spark Arrestors

Did you know that most jurisdictions require the presence of a spark arresting rain cap? Not only are they required, but without one your chimney is essentially a giant bucket collecting rain water during the wet season.


Gas Logs

Do your gas logs need a drastic updating? We carry R.H. Peterson Real Fyre and Rasmussen Gas Logs. Coupled with a repeater assembly, these logs will bring new life to your fireplace.


Stainless Steel Liners

Do you have an unlined insert that has been a constant headache because of excessive sooting or creosote deposits? We can line to an existing insert and improve the functionality of your well loved appliance.


Wood Stove Inserts

We carry Osburn, Drolet and Napoleon brand Wood Stove Inserts which can re-establish a safe working fireplace.

Evaportative Coolers

Did you know that a Breezair Icon series evaporative air conditioner uses up to 90% less electricity than traditional refrigerated units and up to 40% less than conventional ducted evaporative air conditioning systems(i.e. Granny Coolers)? Not to mention the fact that they will cool up to 30 degrees below ambient temperature?


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