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We offer a wide range of masonry, dryer vent, evaporative cooler and chimney services. For over 44 years, our primary company focus has been to make residential chimneys safer to use. With constantly updated skills, techniques and artistry, our goal is to reduce chimney fire hazards and be your partner in keeping your home clean, safe, stylish and warm during the winter.
We are members of the NCSG, hold a state license in both masonry construction and general construction (Lic# 570119). Also, I am a CSIA certified technician (#9667)

Our Story

Founded in 1954 in San Francisco, California, Al’s Chimney Cleaning (my grandfather) kept the greater Bay Area’s chimneys clean for over 6 decades. My parents (Dee and Tony Sanchez) started United Chimney twenty years later and built a wonderful life for my brother Andy and I.
Andy is now slowly being transitioned into a leadership role at our Peninsula location, whereas I moved up to the glorious Northstate with my wife Lauren and have taken the reigns of my own branch of the company. With over 18 years of experience and tens of thousands of hours under my belt I look forward to servicing you, whether in Colusa or Yreka.

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